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La brega

1brega  noun / 1. A diffuse method with no pretensions to navigate daily life, where everything

changes. La brega exists out of the law of necessity and changes according to them. 2. A command of the rules of rhetoric. La brega always expresses a necessity or wish to realize a dream. 3. Another kind of knowledge, one that is in between art and technology. 4. A diffuse method to navigate daily life unpretentiously. The art of surviving with dignity. 5. A sexual war. 6. An announcement when out of a crisis. 7. Private or public battles. 8. A turning point in dialogue. The action initiated by the speaker to move the listener. 9. Action or effect of a person who works tirelessly.10. A state of constant hustle through life’s challenges.


Write, shoot, edit, and animate.

Commercials • Corporate videos • Social media content

2bregar  verb /bre.gar/ 1. A specific way of knowing something and understand its subtle mechanisms.

 2. To act and/or work with agility and experience to meet expectations. 3. Fight with risks. 4. To work eagerly. 5. To deal with something wisely, whether is an object, people, or language itself. 6. To negotiate with the vast power of the empire, without losing dignity and without violence. 7. A way out of a crisis. 8. To take initiative and put things in motion. 9. To establish the rules of a game. 10. To find a path. 11. Catch-all term that can mean both to work things through and to make love. Working while making love or making love while working.



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La Brega is a Washington DC based digital media production operation led by Joel Maysonet.  A media "Swiss Army Man", Joel has 14 years of experience working as a director, producer, editor, and motion graphics artist  for both corporate brands and  non-fiction programming. He has dozens of projects under his belt for clients like ESPN, Sprint, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Lenovo, Cirrus Logic, The PGA Tour, and Dell. As a director, Joel has a passion for  multi-cultural connections, political awareness, and culinary adventures.

Directing • Writing • Editing • Producing • Motion graphics • Visual FX